Can move mountains? You say, “Yes”. Tell me how. What are mountains and how does faith level them?

Imagine mountains as formidable barriers, those hindrances that loom when you strive to fulfil your aspirations. These barriers might include the apprehension of failure, the weight of self-doubt, and the shadows of uncertainty.They pull you back with words of warning about a disaster waiting for you. They take control of your mind!. The mind, a capricious entity, resides within us, crafting vibrant visions of joy and bewildering puzzles that confound comprehension. Emotions, ranging from elation to envy, spring from this intricate realm, swaying your decisions and actions.   These emotions control your moves and your decisions. 

Yet, amidst this maelstrom, a sentinel rests in your heart: faith. This guardian angel imparts courage and nurtures confidence.Faith has dual facets. The first entails an unwavering trust in Allah, the Supreme Force managing our existence. The second revolves around self-belief, an outgrowth of the former. Essentially, it’s a profound trust in Allah that reinforces self-assurance. As humans, we construct a realm based on our aspirations and necessities. The durability of these constructs hinges not just on our abilities, but predominantly on our belief in those abilities.

Faith means steely nerves withstanding adversity,  a resolute determination to attain  your objective despite all opposition and discouragement. Faith is the determining factor in the triumphant of odyssey of your life